Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wiley Installation Manual for RBI Solar Ground Mount System

RBI Solar is proud to announce the publication of a new installation manual from Burndy for Wiley WEEB products with the RBI Solar Ground Mount system. The manual is a result of successful testing with Burndy engineers. This new manual for RBI ground mount solar systems allows for the bonding of pv module frames to the RBI Solar galvanized steel rails. Now modules using 6mm, 8mm, ¼ inch, and 5/16 inch fasteners can be bonded with WEEBs to the RBI Ground Mount solar system. Racking bonding can be accomplished with WEEB Lug 6.7, mounted to factory pre-punched holes on the RBI Ground Mount Solar system’s rails. Solar installers can look forward to lower costs in materials and labor with the new WEEB solutions for the RBI Solar Ground Mount solutions as compared to other bonding and grounding methodologies.

About RBI: RBI Solar offers complete Solar mounting solution for commercial and utility scale projects. RBI Solar PV racking systems include a complete design, engineering, racking material and optional racking installation services. RBI solar team works with you to generate an optimum layout which is complementary with a quote request. Once the contract is signed, each project is reviewed and engineered by a certified engineer to match the local code requirements. RBI solar team has engineers and designers certified in all 50 states. All the racking components are manufactured at Cincinnati OH facility under the supervision of highly experienced supervisors and plant managers.

RBI offers to install the solar racking systems at very competitive cost. RBI solar uses state of the art post driving machines to drive the posts while highly skilled installation crews put the racking together in no time. Separate project manager is assigned to each job that takes care of logistics and is responsible for timely completion. RBI Solar PV racking systems come with a 20-years limited warranty.

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Check out the Wiley installation manual for RBI Solar ground mount products


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